Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Clara Guerra

Office for Financial Market Innovation and Digitisation



Dr. Clara Guerra is the Director of the Office for Financial Market Innovation and Digitalisation (SFID) of the Liechtenstein Government, where she spearheads initiatives in FinTech, blockchain, and legal innovation. Her expertise in digital transformation and public policy has positioned her as a key figure in shaping the regulatory landscape for emerging technologies. As Co-Chair of the European Blockchain Association, Dr. Guerra plays a critical role in fostering industry collaboration and innovation. Additionally, her involvement as Chair of the INATBA Governmental Advisory Board underscores her commitment to influencing global digital policy and blockchain standards. With a background in law and a track record of bridging technology and regulatory frameworks, Dr. Guerra contributes insights into the challenges and opportunities of digitalization. A recognized thought leader, Dr. Guerra frequently shares her expertise on technology and digitalization through lectures, articles, and publications, providing a comprehensive state-focused perspective on the future of technology

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