Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Doug Levin

Harvard Business School

Executive Fellow


Doug Levin is a distinguished business leader with over three decades of success in technology, corporate leadership, board membership, and investment. He is currently an Executive Fellow at Harvard Business School, where he has imparted his knowledge for several years through teaching the "Startup Academy" as an adjunct lecturer. His current board roles include ReversingLabs (software supply chain security), FiVerity (digital fraud detection), and SmartOne (data labeling for AI). Additionally, Levin offers his expertise as a board advisor to both Dowsers (blockchain security) and Resec (advanced threat detection) and general advisor to JigsawLM (AI-driven Cloud coding and operations) and Teamlift (AI-driven workforce optimization). He is the founder of Black Duck Software, which was acquired by Synopsys in 2017, and has co-founded four other ventures. Levin's extensive experience also includes teaching entrepreneurship and startup finance at MIT as an adjunct lecturer, as well as holding senior management positions at Microsoft Corporation for a nine-year tenure. Doug regularly authors a weekly blog post focusing on AI, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, startups and the software industry, titled "Lessons from a Startup Life."