Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Alain Otaegui

European Banking Authority

Policy Expert on Digital Finance


Alain Otaegui is a Policy Expert at the Digital Finance unit at the EBA, where he is working on a range of files relating to financial innovation, mainly related to crypto-assets and AI. For the past 2 years, Alain has contributed to the EBA’s policy stance on the regulation of crypto-assets and DeFi, including to the EBA’s L2 policy mandates under MiCA and to the EBA’s response to the Commission’s Call for Advice on MiCA. Currently, Alain coordinates the EBA’s policy stance and assessment of the implications of DeFi for the EU banking sector. Alain is also contributing to the EBA’s assessment and stance on the implications of the AI Act on the EU banking sector. Prior to joining the EBA, Alain worked as a policy adviser in digital finance for the private sector in Brussels and Spain. He is academically trained in law, economics and geopolitics.