Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Thierry Arys Ruiz

Executive Chairman and CEO


Thierry Arys Ruiz is the Executive Chairman and CEO of : The Peer-to-Peer, Electronic Money System backed by Silver (₳g) and Gold (₳u) in Switzerland. Thierry has worked for major trading houses and financial institutions such as Trafigura, LUKOIL, Scotia Capital, ICAP and Credit Suisse. Thierry also served as the Managing Director of the American Institute for Economic Research - Bastiat Society Switzerland, a Libertarian Think Tank. He is and Expert in the Architecture working group at the United Nations - ITU - Digital Currency Global Initiative, a private forum for CBDC conversations. Mr. Arys is a University guest lecturer for topics ranging from Commodity Trading, Entrepreneurship, International Finance, and Technology. Thierry is a Mensa member and a venture-philanthropist.

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