Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Nena Dokuzov

Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport in Slovenia

Coordinator of the Strategy of Digital Transformation of Economy


Nena Dokuzov is a coordinator of the Strategy of digital transformation of economy at the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport in Slovenia. She encouraged and led the preparation of Action plan for Blockchain Technology in 2018 as one of the first national strategic and implenetation framework, with the purpose to identify relevant areas for blockchain (vertical and horizontal), and to define regulatory framework and steps neccessary for the development of new regulation for Blockchain. She is also national representative at European Blockchain Partnership (EBP). In 2019 she became a Head of Delegation of Slovenia at UNECE and was a member of expert team at UN/CEFACT in the preparation on Whiteparer on Blockchain and practical implications of Blockchain Technology for the achievment of SDGs 2030. She was also a member of OECD BEPAB (Blockchain Expert Policy Advisory Board) and a Vice Chair of Advisory Group for Advanced Technologies at UNECE. She is a vice-chair of INATBA GAB (Government advisory board). She was initiator of first national NFT (Slovenia as the first country launched NFT for EXPO Dubai 2020), in a form of digital memorables presenting slovenian companies and tourism destinations (check www.IFeelNFT).

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