Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Stan Miroshnik

TenSquared (10SQ)

Founder and Managing Partner


Stan Miroshnik is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Ten Squared (10SQ). As a well-known DAE investor, Stan has a depth of global industry relationships with founders, companies, regulators, and investors from nearly 25 years of experience in growth investing, investment banking, corporate finance, and venture. Stan launched his career at Morgan Stanley working in financial services and the early days of FinTech. In 2015, he built a Bitcoin mine in the state of Washington and dove into the digital asset space. Since, Stan has been an entrepreneur in the DAE, building four businesses. Prior to launching 10SQ, Stan co-founded 10T, helping build it into one of the largest PE investment managers focused on the DAE with $1.2Bn AUM, three flagship funds, and ten co-investment vehicles spanning 26 portfolio companies. His experience as an operator and investor give him a deep understanding of the space and an invaluable partner to innovative DAE companies. After successfully deploying all three funds at 10T, Stan launched 10SQ to pursue his passion for inflection point investing, focusing on companies in moments of transition with product market fit and credible scenarios around customer growth who can ride the wave with larger checks and support underwriting the technology. He has developed a reputation as a DAE investor known for transparency, creativity, governance leadership, and deep engagement with portfolio companies.