Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Aydin Kilic

HIVE Digital Technologies

President & CEO


Mr. Kilic has over 20 years' experience as an entrepreneur and electronic engineer with expertise in cryptocurrency, capital markets, real estate development and scientific research. He founded Fortress Blockchain Corp. in 2017 and led this company as CEO to go public as a Tier 1 Technology Issuer on the TSX-V, raising $30M in the process. With this experience Mr. Kilic brings the HIVE team his comprehensive understanding of the intersect of cryptocurrency and the Canadian capital markets, public company audit demands and exchange rules, along with the importance of ESG investing. Additionally, as a development executive, Mr. Kilic has received commitments from Canadian banks for over $100M in financing for land rezoning and development projects and has secured over $200M of land acquisition offers, while bringing over $100M of project value to market in BC. Mr. Kilic will lead HIVE in its global expansion and development of data centers, reporting directly to Frank Holmes, Executive Chairman. Mr. Kilic holds a degree in Engineering Science (Honours) from Simon Fraser University, having specialized in high-frequency electronics, VLSI, and time-variant 3D electromagnetics.