Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Jon Helgi Egilsson


Co-Founder & Chairman


Jon is the Co-Founder and the Chairman of Monerium. Before this, he was vice chairman and chairman of the Icelandic Central Bank's supervisory board from 2013 to 2017. Jon has been involved in the crypto space since 2012. He then developed a model to estimate the power consumption and profitability of mining Bitcoin. When Ethereum launched soon after, he recognized its potential to revolutionize finance and co-founded Monerium after six months of research. Jon holds a Ph.D. degree in Economics and a master's degree in engineering. He is a former adjunct professor at Reykjavik University and lectured at the University of Iceland in the economics and engineering departments. Additionally, Jon was a visiting scholar at Columbia University in New York. Fun fact: Jon wrote the all-time most-read paper in “The Journal of Applied Economics.”