Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Pankhuri Bansal

United Nations

Blockchain & AI Expert


Pankhuri Bansal is an appointed blockchain expert with the United Nations (UN/CEFACT), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), as an ambassador for the UK government as a blockchain expert at the BSI. She is the Director of Blockom Consulting with over 10+ years of fintech experience and over 7 years’ experience in developing and scaling Digital Assets/Blockchain solutions. She is ex JP Morgan, Onyx, the blockchain launch division, where she was an integral part of some of the bank’s crypto solutions. She has published several research papers under the United Nations and published standards with the ISO on use-cases and challenges within the blockchain, AI and IoT industries. She holds a triple Master’s degree in Internet of Things & Entrepreneurship from City University, UK; Post Graduate in Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning, Uni of Texas, Austin; MSc in Economics & Finance, University of Warwick, UK; and Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Finance, from London School of Economics, UK.