Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Nicolas Biagosch

Q Protocol



Nicolas Biagosch is a pioneer in the field of decentralized governance. He is a co-initiator of Q Protocol |, having joined the project to launch decentralized governance options that go beyond “code is law.” Nicolas’ goal is to help improve the governance of Web3, and he works with DeFi protocols, DAOs, blockchains, startups and more to bridge their governance with Q’s proven system. Nicolas is a seasoned legal and management expert with a focus on law, regulation, and management. A LMU Munich law graduate and LL.M. holder from the US, Nicolas has 20+ years of board-level experience in the tech sector and has held key positions, such as Head of Legal, Regulatory & Corporate at a major mobile operator and CEO of a mobile service provider. As the co-initiator of Q Protocol, the first Web3 governance framework based upon a constitution, Nicolas brings the expertise of having initiated and seen a constitution-based governance framework work in real life. The Q project launched its mainnet last year and has proven its functionality beyond “code is law” to date.