Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Paolo Ardoino


CTO of Bitfinex


Paolo serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Bitfinex and is the Co-founder of Keet, a fully encrypted video calling application, where he holds the position of Chief Strategy Officer. From a young age, Paolo Ardoino demonstrated a keen interest in computers, becoming enamored with hardware, networks, and cryptography. This fascination with technology paved the way for a successful career in the tech and finance industries. Paolo's journey in the tech world began when he graduated from Genoa's Computer Science University in 2008. Subsequently, he embarked on a research position for a military project focused on high availability, self-recovering networks, and cryptography. During this time, Paolo honed his expertise in distributed systems and conducted extensive experimentation with cryptographic technologies. In 2010, his passion for finance led Paolo to develop financial applications. In late 2013, he founded his first startup, assuming the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With two successful financing rounds, his company created a comprehensive, cloud-based financial application catering to advisors, fund managers, and institutions. This application served numerous small and medium-sized companies in London, Milan, and Lugano. In 2014, Paolo joined Bitfinex as a Senior Software Developer, where his responsibilities included trading engine development, platform scalability, and high availability. By 2016, he had transitioned to the position of CTO, deepening his expertise in distributed systems, high-performance computing, and resilient platforms. As CTO of Bitfinex, Paolo managed the development team, evaluated new technologies, and designed and developed the Bitfinex backend platform. Additionally, he held the roles of Lead Backend Developer and Lead Matching Engine Developer at Bitfinex. In 2017, Paolo Ardoino assumed the role of CTO for Tether, a leading stablecoin in the cryptocurrency market. As Tether's CTO, Paolo was responsible for overseeing the development and deployment of technology for external customers, vendors, and clients. His contributions were instrumental in establishing Tether as a pioneer for financial freedom and innovation, challenging the traditional financial system with a more modern approach to currency. In October 2023, Paolo Ardoino ascended to the position of Chief Executive Officer of Tether, marking a significant milestone in his career. As CEO, he leads Tether in its mission to revolutionize the financial industry and provide innovative solutions for a new era of digital finance.