Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Alexandre Dreyfus

Socios & Chiliz



Alexandre Dreyfus is a seasoned digital entrepreneur with almost 30 years of experience in developing business projects within the gaming, sports, and entertainment industries. Widely regarded as a pioneer in the web space, he initiated his entrepreneurial journey in the mid-90s during the nascent stages of the digital economy, establishing his first company at the age of 16. In the mid-2010s, he developed an interest in blockchain and its potential to disrupt sports by bringing fans closer to the teams they love whilst opening new ways for the clubs to engage with and monetize their global fan bases. Pursuing this vision, in 2018, Alexandre founded Chiliz, A year later, Chiliz introduced Fan Tokens, a new digital asset class enabling sports fans to actively participate in decisions concerning their favorite teams and earn rewards through the user-friendly and gamified EngageToEarn app, By the end of 2022, over a hundred sporting organizations worldwide had embraced Dreyfus' vision, utilizing Chiliz technology and the platform to engage and reward their fan bases. Chiliz’s partner roster includes franchises from the NBA and the NFL, leading clubs from the Premier League, LaLiga and Lega Serie A as well as UFC and PFL (mixed martial arts), the Davis Cup (tennis) and several Formula 1 teams.