Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Mel Gelderman

Co-Founder & CEO


Mel Gelderman is an investor and early crypto adopter. He saw Bitcoin’s potential back in 2013 and went all in. Shortly after, Mel closed all his traditional bank accounts and departed to travel the world only on Bitcoin. He, of course, realised that there were no real solutions for the efficient use of cryptocurrencies in daily life and went on to found Monolith –the first ever Ethereum integrated Visa Debit Card–. During the Defi summer Mel saw incredible projects sprouting everywhere and was overwhelmed by how time consuming it was to be aware of each and every one of them. He then was motivated to found a groundbreaking app that allows users to understand any token project in less than a minute through visually appealing “token cards” that resemble any social media profile. If you like a token project enough you can then invest in it. Investing should be social; the app has an integrated feed that allows users, investors and KOls to share their insights about the token market. Mel may just have started the next crypto revolution with a social investing app that turns investing in tokens into a fun and snackable experience! Fun fact: Mel founded his first successful enterprise at 14 years old; an Algae Biofuel company serving the European and Asia-Pacific markets.