Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Maja Vujinovic




Ms. Maja Vujinovic is a senior global executive. In 2005, she was an early pioneer of mobile payments working across SubSaharan Africa and an early pioneer in Bitcoin, since 2010. Currently, she is a CEO of OGroup, focused on the intersection of legacy systems and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Automation systems, Blockchain and IoT. In 2014, Ms. Vujinovic launched a first trade-finance deal, in the world, on blockchain, between JPMorgan and GE, which today is becoming a critical technological and geopolitical race in the world. In her role as a CIO of emerging technologies at General Electric, Ms. Vujinovic was the catalyst for blockchain and machine learning pilots, leading a global education effort across C-level leadership within GE and its global Fortune500 clients. Ms. Vujinovic’s machine learning and smart contracts work, inspired JP Morgan Quorum, Amazon and Microsoft’s blockchain-as-a-service platforms. OGroup is partnered with $4B of family offices, bringing deep market insights. OGroup is also an investor and an operator in over 45 companies and funds, works closely with corporates, governments and start ups, helping them integrate digital transformation tools. Ms. Vujinovic holds frequent talks at Davos, FII Institute in Saudi Arabia, DAS Blockworks London, Abundance360, Financial Times London and NYC, large family office gatherings and CEO’s and CIO’s of Fortune500 companies globally. She is on the board of Nayms, Civic, Prism partners and Coindesk and is a lead contributor to Ms. Vujinovic is also on a board of Longevity Science Foundation with strong passion for longevity.