Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Antoni Zolciak

Aleph Zero

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder


Antoni Zolciak is a co-founder of the Aleph Zero Foundation (Switzerland) and Cardinal Cryptography (Poland). Aleph Zero is a privacy-enhancing Layer 1 blockchain renowned for prioritizing scalability, security, and speed. Under his strategic co-leadership in business development, operations, and marketing, Antoni helped position Aleph Zero as a leading blockchain in Europe, earning significant accolades, including Deloitte naming Cardinal Cryptography, Aleph Zero's core development arm, a top “Company to Watch” in 2023. Antoni’s strategic vision helped facilitate key partnerships, notably with Deutsche Telekom, an Aleph Zero network validator, bolstering Aleph Zero’s ecosystem and credibility within the global tech landscape. In 2023, he oversaw the launch of the $50M Ecosystem Funding Program to foster innovation and growth within the Aleph Zero ecosystem. This initiative has been instrumental in catalyzing the development of over 40 diverse projects advancing blockchain use cases in DeFi, AI, digital identity management, gaming, and data confidentiality; enriching the ecosystem and serving as a launch pad for the next generation of blockchain technology.