Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Thibault Lecerf

Pernod Ricard

Web3 Leader


Thibault Lecerf spearheads innovation at Pernod Ricard, focusing strongly on Web3 technologies and General AI. With over ten years of experience in the innovation sector, Thibault has a proven track record of integrating cutting-edge technologies into traditional business models to foster growth and competitiveness. A graduate of INSA Rennes, with a Master's in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship, and ESC Rennes School of Business, Thibault has developed a robust foundation in innovation's technical and managerial aspects. His academic background is complemented by international exposure, including a year in Hong Kong, which gave him a global perspective on business and technology trends. During his career, Thibault has been instrumental in launching several digital transformation projects, including developing and implementing Web3 initiatives. At HighCo, he led the innovation department, creating a startup studio and managing an investment fund focused on nurturing new digital ventures. This role involved identifying market opportunities, user engagement, and overseeing the lifecycle of startups from inception to market entry. Thibault's expertise is not limited to startup development; he also plays a crucial role in strategic innovation, ensuring the integration of Web3 technologies into broader business strategies to enhance efficiency, customer experience, and value creation. In addition to his professional achievements, Thibault possesses a diverse skill set in strategy development, innovation methodologies, and team management. His contributions to the field have positioned him as a key player in the digital transformation space, especially within the realms of Web3 and artificial intelligence.