Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio

United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund

Chief Information Officer


CIO with significant experience in designing, governing, and assuring Information Systems, Blockchains, DLTs, and Digital Identity solutions underpinning United Nations Global Operations and Critical Infrastructures. Committed to responsible and ethical design, use, and assessment of Emerging Technologies, to serve the Broader Goals of the United Nations, Organizational Integrity, and Societal Benefit. Dedicated to compliance with International Standards and Professional Best Practices, for governing, managing, auditing, and securing global information systems, protecting data and privacy. Focused on implementing Self-Assessment, Audit, and Risk Management processes to: - Evaluate the impact of algorithms on stakeholders, particularly in terms of potential negative effects, upholding the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency, and preventing biases or unfairness; and - Ensure trust, transparency, fairness, and accountability of automated and evidence based decision- making systems.