Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Benjamin Roth


CIO and Founder


Ben Roth is the CIO and Founder at Auros, one of the crypto industry's leading algorithmic trading and market making firms. With over two decades of experience in trading and portfolio management at leading TradFi firms such as Optiver, First New York and Hudson Bay Capital, Ben founded Auros in January 2019 with the specific goal to build the market's leading High-Frequency Trading and Market Making firm. As of April 2024, Auros trades on more than 40 centralised and decentralised exchanges and regularly accounts for as much as 5% of all crypto trading volume. With a staunch belief in the power of liquidity to drive value creation, Ben and the Auros team are dedicated to assisting projects, exchanges and foundations in navigating the complexities of the market and helping them to understand the impact that deep, reliable and consistent liquidity can have for the value of their business.