Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Olivier Laborde


Innovation Leader / Head of Marketing, Innovation & Digital


Olivier Laborde holds positions as Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation in the banking and insurance sector. In recent years, he has driven business transformation dynamics around customer experience, artificial intelligence, platformization and more recently around Web3, metaverse, blockchain and NFTs. He is the link with the startups and investment funds whose relationship he coordinates. Since 2024, Olivier is an expert at the Web 3 Tokenization Fintech Village at CES Las Vegas and also a partner in 2025. Author of “Innovate or Disappear”, labeled Digital Book of the Year by the Hub Institute in 2017, he published a new book “Social Commerce” at the end of 2022 which shows how companies can use digital platforms (social networks, video games, metaverse) to develop their sales. He also writes expert columns for and Olivier supports some startup founders (as an advisor or board member) in their strategy for the development of their business. For example, a startup offering a virtual reality platform for training or a startup offering a hybrid platform/consulting offer in the financial field. Finally, as a true tech explorer, he visits the world’s largest tech fairs (CES, VivaTech, Web Summit, etc.) to unearth the innovations that will allow territories and companies to successfully navigate tomorrow’s world.

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