Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Ahad Ali


Director of Communication


Ahad, currently serving as the Director of Communications at Lake, brings over two decades of diverse expertise to the web3 blockchain space. His journey commenced with the co-founding of The Studioworks, a creative design and marketing agency, where he immersed himself in go-to-market business development strategies. This early milestone set the stage for a series of successful ventures, including key roles with industry leaders like IRIS and collaboration with the global tech firm K3 Group, as well as working with niche independent app developers. In 2017, Ahad founded Inc. Operator, a retained service provider specialising in Go-To-Market and Business Development solutions tailored for growing businesses in the UK, AU, and GCC regions. His unwavering commitment to growth, adaptability, and strategic prowess has solidified his reputation as a trusted business partner. Now, as the Director of Communications at Lake, Ahad leverages his extensive background to navigate the dynamic landscape of web3 blockchain. His experience spans across ERP, Employer Branding, E-commerce, and more, showcasing a versatile and impactful career dedicated to propelling growth across diverse industries. Ahad's commitment to driving success and adaptability positions him as a valuable asset within the LAKE Team.