Paris Blockchain Week 2024


David S. Bennahum




David has over 15 years of experience in developing successful mobile gaming products for web2 and web3 sectors. As the CEO and co-founder of READYgg, he leads the company in pioneering a Layer3 technology to onboard web2 players and publishers into web3 gaming, offering comprehensive game development tools powered by $RDYX, READYgg’s innovative ecosystem utility token. READYgg's technology, including a unique cross-chain Account Abstraction and blockchain listener tech, has attracted partnerships with over 25 major studios, representing 200 million active monthly web2 players migrating to web3. Alongside a robust team and notable partners like BITKRAFT, Delphi Digital, Hashed, Spartan, IOSG, and Momentum 6, David's technology and business experience extends from his early programming days at 13, through influential roles at McKinsey & Company and WIRED, to his academic roots at Harvard College.