Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Kyle Chassé

Master Ventures

Founder & CEO


Since his initial investment in Bitcoin in 2012, Kyle Chassé has been a driving force in the blockchain industry. For many he is quite rightly regarded as an OG. In the last decade, he has founded, invested in, and advised 100+ early-stage projects, continually demonstrating his unwavering belief in blockchain’s revolutionary potential. Founder and CEO of Master Ventures, a blockchain-focused VC and venture studio worth $330m (March 2023), he specializes in investing in and building transformative blockchain businesses and products. With over 100 early-stage investments, 5+ co-founded companies, he excels in portfolio management and incubation. Today, Kyle is committed to sharing his lessons and success to correct misinformation inside and outside the industry, by educating and guiding the ever-expanding crypto community. He strives to help everyone understand the potential of blockchain technology with real world use cases, appreciating the impact of new tokenomics models, investing responsibly, and most recently, the role AI can play. (For the past 3 years, a stealth AI project has been in development.) Kyle believes the key to blockchain’s mass adoption is the need for decentralization and transparency, and encourages entrepreneurs to focus on building projects with real-world value that prioritize these goals. 2023 will see many of his new initiatives to self regulate and grow the industry come to fruition. As a highly sought-after speaker at global conferences, Kyle collaborates with industry experts to challenge and disrupt conventional systems. As you’d expect of an OG, he has appeared on many shows and in person events. Most recently, as host of 'The Roundtable,' a highly popular Twitter Space hosted with Mario Nawfal that has engaged with CZ, Elon Musk, US politicians, and top blockchain developers. The epitome of blockchain being a catalyst for good and a better life for anyone regardless of background, Kyle lives in Thailand where he shares his home with the Master Ventures family. Proving that success, a better life and philanthropy can be anyone’s if they believe in themselves and blockchain.