Paris Blockchain Week 2024


Mercina Tillemann Perez


VP of Circle Impact


Mercina Tillemann Perez is the driving force behind Circle Impact, where she leads initiatives on digital financial literacy, blockchain-based humanitarian applications, and ESG strategy. With a knack for translating complex ideas to a broad audience, she has advised Fortune 100 companies and state and national governments on technology and public health issues. She is an expert on strategic planning and has drafted pandemic plans for some of the largest US cities. Her work has taken her to various international forums, including the UN, G20 Summit, and World Bank, where she has presented on global trends and human-centric tech. Mercina holds a degree in Bioethics, Political Science, and Law from Yale University and has worked in the offices of Nancy Pelosi and the US Congress's Human Rights Commission. She is driven by her desire to create a more just and prosperous world.

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