Paris Blockchain Week 2024

Stacks Open Internet Foundation


About Stacks: Stacks is the leading Bitcoin Layer 2 (L2) solution designed to enable smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) to leverage the security and stability of the Bitcoin network. Our upcoming Nakamoto upgrade will introduce faster transaction speeds, lower costs, and enhanced security features, further enhancing the capabilities of the Stacks ecosystem. About the Nakamoto Upgrade: The Nakamoto upgrade represents a significant milestone in our journey towards enhancing Bitcoin's scalability and functionality. With this upgrade, Stacks will offer faster transaction speeds, lower costs, and 100% Bitcoin finality, ensuring the highest level of security and reliability for users and developers alike. About sBTC: sBTC is a decentralized Layer 2 scaling solution that enables developers to build products and services backed by Bitcoin, the most secure and decentralized blockchain. With sBTC, developers can unlock the potential of Bitcoin as a programmable asset and tap into the $700 billion in latent Bitcoin capital, opening up new possibilities for innovation and growth within the digital economy.