Paris Blockchain Week 2024




Caiz, based in the European Union, is recognized as the world's first Islamic financial ecosystem, fostering a unique blend of decentralized (DeFi) and centralized (CeFi) finance, adhering to Sharia compliance. This innovative integration, dubbed "DeCe," combines the strengths of both financial systems to offer a broad spectrum of financial services and opportunities. By leveraging blockchain technology, Caiz aims to enhance transparency, security, and accessibility in financial transactions, ensuring greater inclusion and ethical financial practices in line with Islamic principles. The company's commitment to regulation, trustworthiness, and ethical practices is at the core of its operations, making it a distinct player in the global financial landscape. Caiz's approach includes a deflationary token model with CAIZcoin, aiming for constant deflationary pressure and rewarding early participants in the ecosystem. The Islamic Federated Byzantine Agreement (IFBA) ensures that the blockchain remains Fiqh compliant, with innovations like Islamic Supervisory Nodes, Verified Public Nodes, and the Caiz Consensus Protocol. Through its CAIZchain and CAIZapi, the company provides a robust platform for peer-to-peer transactions and access to blockchain technology, emphasizing equity participation, risk sharing, and adherence to Islamic financial principles.