Paris Blockchain Week 2024

MC² Finance



In the current financial ecosystem, traders and strategists seeking to leverage their expertise are faced with two choices: navigate the complex, costly, and slow world of traditional fund creation, or venture into the unregulated, insecure realm of crypto-native vaults with minimal investor protection. Neither option meets investor's needs. Meanwhile the investment landscape is rapidly evolving. Digital Assets are now the most common investment product for GenZ, AI-assisted trading is rapidly gaining momentum and the decentralized market is set to grow 5-fold through the next years. Modern Investors want social, smart, flexible and secure ways to invest, but they don't have the right tools yet. That's where MC² Finance comes in. We leverage blockchain technology and traditional compliance frameworks to simplify and secure the fund creation process. MC² Finance offers an automated, all-in-one platform for creating digital asset portfolios. Our solution enables the rapid development of portfolios that are intent-based, ensure on-chain transparency, comply with regulations, facilitate cross-chain management, and uphold investor custody rights.