Paris Blockchain Week 2024




The future-proof blockchain enabling long-term solutions to real-world challenges. Casper is a powerful, public smart contract platform empowering creators, communities, and businesses to connect with integrity and trust. The Casper Network consists of two major organizations including the Casper Association, and Casper Labs. Casper Association The Casper Association is the not-for-profit, Switzerland-domiciled organization responsible for overseeing the network and supporting its organic evolution and continued decentralization. The membership in the Association is comprised of the independent validators which run nodes on the Casper Network. Casper Labs Casper Labs is a Swiss-based AG and first started working on the Casper blockchain codebase in October 2018 and facilitated the Casper Testnet throughout 2020 and 2021 until mainnet launch. While the engineers at Casper Labs contribute new features into the codebase for the Casper blockchain, Casper Labs is also a fully staffed enterprise consultancy business providing support and services for its enterprise clients building on Casper.